Thursday, March 02, 2006

Maybe it's just me, but..

Is the woman on the left

Beginning to sound a lot like the woman on the right?

Wendi Thomas today laments the fact that our own Three 6 Mafia has been nominated for an Oscar for the song, "It's Hard To Be A Pimp Out Here" because, well, you know, pimping is BAD.

Who knew?

Never mind that this is the highest profile for a Memphis-based recording act in a long time, never mind that while Hustle and Flow showed the seamier side of this city, it's a side that exists, and will continue to exist as long as we have the same people running the show economically.

Her columns of late have had that lecture-like tone we used to hear whenever Aunt Esther would lecture Fred Sanford that he would wind up in Hell if he didn't get right with God, to which Fred would note that if she weren't in Hell and he was, he'd be better off.

There are times when Wendi has good points and makes sense, but she ignores the fact that our music industry was made by wild-ass crazy people who were, well, brilliant. Do the names Jerry Lee Lewis, Sam Phillips, or Jim Dickinson mean anything to you?

Enough said. I'm rooting for Three 6 Mafia to win Sunday night, and for Terence Howard to win the Oscar for Best Actor. Even if I do burn in Hell.


Brassmask said...

Lordy, she is wacky.

mike said...

The CA was a huge booster of the movie until the premiere and the reaction from Memphis' black and political leadership. Now, they are "it's great for the Memphis film community, but...."

Why do you bother reading her anyway? She's never had an opinion that wasn't preprogrammed, trite and obvious. She's an embarrassment at best, a panderer at worst. And, as you note, she's letting her "position" go to her head.

If it weren't for folks like you giving her free publicity, I'd never know what she says. She just doesn't matter.

elijoi said...

That song is rife with sexism. That form tends toward female bashing and fag bashing.

If these morons put on swastikas and Jew-bashed the liberal community would be all up in arms. If they were white guys who tattooed 88's on their arms and sang about white power there would be outrage and riots.

How is it that gangsta hate-driven rap and hip-hop that bashes women and gays has wheedled it's way into the liberal mindset as some form of acceptable cultural expression.

Just because you are a lefty liberal doesn;t mean you have to applaud this.

Too many liberals forget that supporting free speech does not necessitate *enjoying* free speeach.

They have the right to make their music and say what they want.

But why should we reward this drek with applause and oscars.

Yes Crazy people have made great music. But often, as is the case with Jerry Lee Lewis, his despicable life was independant of his great music.

In this form of rap, the despicable life IS the music