Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Cracker Endorsements

There's a crapload of races on the May 2 Democratic Primary ballot for Shelby County offices, and the Cracker is stating preferences in some of the races.

The four that I care the most about are as follows:


For County Clerk - Joe Young

I have known Joe for years, worked in his campaign for SCDP Chair and heartily support him in his efforts to reclaim this seat from the Goopers. He is extremely organized, and will have that office running smoothly for years to come.

Commission Seats

In numerical order...

For District 2, Position 2 - Reginald Fentress

Reginald, who lost four years ago to the juggernaut that is Deidre Malone, has been working closely in his community and with groups such as Democracy for Memphis on issues that matter to the community. I have every reason to believe he will hold developers' feet to the fire on matters of smart growth, and will make every effort to bring better jobs to that district.

For District 3, Position 1 - Bob Hatton

This is a tough one for me, as my friend Del Gill is also in this race. However, Bob, whom I have known and worked with for over 25 years and is a very good friend, came to me over a year ago to let me know he wanted to serve this District on the Commission, and has been working it ever since. I have every confidence that Bob will work hard to bring better jobs to the community.

For District 5 - Steve Mulroy

Gee, what a surprise, eh? Did the fact that his website is linked on the blogroll give it away? Look, we can WIN this seat, and with it, control of the Commission. He is a tireless worker, a tough advocate, and he is far and away our best hope. He is correct on all the issues, and a hell of a nice guy to boot. Please help him, too, if you can.

All right, what about the others? Here are some observations about some of the other races; if I don't comment, they're either unopposed or I am content to let the electorate decide for themselves.

Juvenile Court Clerk - I am voting for Wanda Halbert, because she simply has the only chance to beat Steve Stamson, as I noted back on Valentine's Day. I like Shep Wilbun, but he should have gone back to the Commission for a term before he ran for this seat.

Criminal Court Clerk - Kevin Gallagher is my choice here, even though Bill Key has been tough to beat, I think he has a reasonably good shot.

Well, those are my picks, and your mileage may vary.


SgtLarry said...

Wanda Halbert? What does she know about juvenile court??? I met her once and was underimpressed. Being familiar with juvenile court, I can honestly say that I'm content with Stamson as clerk.

What is really, really needed in juvenile court is a new judge. The best one so far is the most unknown, that is William Winchester.

Winchester's overall legal philosophy as a judge is before anything else, constitutional rights and principles must be safeguarded.

The hierarchy of law is constitutional, statutory, case law, rules and regulations. If the constitutional law were applied as it should be in all cases, there would not be a need for a lot of the legislation involved in family law cases, because parental rights are constitutionally fundamental rights which cannot be abridged absent a finding of immediate or substantial risk of harm to the minor child.

If parents can agree on a custodial arrangement or a support arrangement, the court's duty is simply to endorse it. If the parents cannot agree on these issues, the court must fashion an arrangement on a case by case basis (nothing "standardized') which protects each parents' fundamental rights as much as possible, which translates into substantially equal parenting time and decision-making authority.

The Shelby County Juvenile Court is currently run more like a business rather than a court of law. Administrative ease takes precedence over due process, whether it be custody, support, dependency and neglect, or delinquency. This must change or else constitutional principles take a back seat to business principles.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, nice font work.

BraveCordovaDem said...

I won't fuss about any of these Cracker, except to agree with the previous comment about Wanda Halbert. This is a candidate who barely won re-election to the school board by a plurality, only because her opposition was split. Shep has name recognition and was perhaps the worst victim of Republican lies in recent memory. He, IMO, has the best chance of knocking off Stamson and also deserves redemption.

Brad Watkins said...

Thank you Steve for your endorsement of Reginald Fentress dist 2 pos 2. This guy is a REAL DEMOCRAT, who is going to fight for issues like the Living Wage, Pilot Reform, and better schools, with budgets based in reality.
He has also proposed a very bold SAFE and FREE resolution.

Hey everyone knows, I do not like anybody in politics, so if he can convince me, he can convince anyone......end of plug.