Wednesday, March 29, 2006

It has come to my attention that...

The SCDP is having an emergency steering committee meeting at 6 PM tomorrow evening to which all ExecCom (SCDP and Shelby County TDP) members have been invited; however, you, the public, are NOT invited. This will occur at the IBEW prior to the regularly-scheduled ExecCom meeting.

The steering committee will apparently hold a hearing regarding the recommendation of the Primary Board that JW Gibson AND Johnny Hatcher, Jr. be removed from the May 4 Democratic County Primary. Apparently, at the ExecCom meeting to follow, (to which you, the public, ARE invited) they, and all other Democratic candidates, will be allowed to take an oath of affirmation of the Democratic covenant.

As I mentioned on another blog, I don't care of either of them come in with Karl Rove's severed head (just kidding, please don't send me to Gitmo), they need to be removed from the Democratic Primary ballot.

We have dealt repeatedly with Gibson's Republicanism;however, Hatcher actually ran against my Senator, Steve Cohen, as a Gooper in 2004. See ya, Johnny.

If either of these fellows are allowed to remain on the Democratic ballot, I am going to publicly ask for the resignation of ANY SCDP officer or ExecCom member who votes for it, ESPECIALLY if they represent District 93.

If a party won't stand up for itself, it deserves no followers.

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polar donkey said...

I don't mean to nitpick, but shouldn't candidate recruitment committee(how many times have you'll meet?) or our state democratic party reps here in Shelby county have caught this earlier? (Who are our State party reps here?)I mean it was a month ago that everyone had to file, and people have only caught on to this yesterday and its a crsis now.