Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I feel a rant coming on.....

Ahem. Don't MAKE me come over there, SCDP. I want to start this rant with a comment to the earlier Gibson post from my friend, the Polar Donkey:

Kind of a funny story. A friend of mine who sneaked into Bush's Social Security speech in order to disrupt it, ran into Gibson the in line to get in the auditorium. Gibson Said to my friend "I thought you would be outside with the protesters." My friend thought that he would be busted and thrown out, but made it in and disrupted the speech. When my friend saw that Gibson was on the ballot as a Dem a few weeks ago, he pointed out that Gibson was a republican, but needless to say no one paid attention. I suggest the Democratic Party pay a little more attention when people have advice or information.

You see, during my six-year-run on the Executive Committee, there were people who all along kept complaining about Democrats who were "pussyfooting with Republicans". I would be remiss if I failed to note that some of these same folks are now fighting to KEEP Gibson on the ballot. WHY?

As PD's comment clearly notes above, this guy WENT TO SEE BUSH WHEN HE WAS HERE, AND NOT AS A PROTESTOR!!! This is even worse than what Richard Fields did, and THAT was unacceptable. Let's review again, people:

A) Since 1994, when Mr. Gibson has voted in a primary, it has been a Republican Primary. B) From 2003-2005, he served on the Shelby County GOP Steering Committee.

No, Mr. Gibson, you do NOT have a right to run as a Democrat with that kind of background, not without spending time AND money for a few years to get yourself back in our good graces. I don't care WHO'S giving you money, you're NOT one of us, not right now.

I am fully aware that the SCDP meeting is a week and a day away, and I am fully cognizant that it is a pain in the ass to attempt to call a special meeting. However, every day that this festers is a day that makes the SCDP look bad. If Bob Tuke has to straighten this out, too, we've got BIG problems.

SCDP, I'm watching.


polar donkey said...

At least in the long run we will get new county commissioners.

rabidyellowdogdemocrat said...

It really is sad that the Democratic Party is dealing with issues such as this. This new committee seems to be remarkably talented at having Republicans infiltrate OUR party. Let's review Desi Franklin did not vote in the Democratic Presidential Primary in 04,Richard Fields works pro bono for Terry Roland and 90% of this new committee has NEVER been involved in politics and wouldn't know a Republican if they bit them on the butt.
Everyone wanted the "old guard" out and fresh people in......... well you got it and now look what has been happening. Good luck to ALL the democratic State Reps... ya'll are screwed this year.

LeftWingCracker said...

Well, Desi Franklin has busted her butt for the party since she got here, is Mulroy's chief fundraiser, and has done yeoman work on the Bylaws committee.

The new people have worked hard and they have figured out that they got played early on and have rebounded.

Let's cut them some slack; everyone has to learn, and most of them have.

I'll bet that when the 2007 convention rolls around, they will be far mosre astute...

polar donkey said...

Actually, Gibson says Harold Byrd is supporting him. Harold Byrd usually works with an old guard powerbroker in South Memphis. Richard Fields also worked closely with this same powerbroker. It doesn't seem like republican collaboration is the fault of new people but mostly old timers. Correct me if I'm mistake about this rydd or Leftwing Cracker.

LeftWingCracker said...

Are you referring to the newly-elected Commissioner from District 3?

polar donkey said...

What an amazing series of coincidences.

The worst thing you can say about the new folks is that they just sit by while these things happen. "We didn't want say no or do what's necessary, because that may undercut 'party unity'."

Hell, what good is 'unity' when we won't even stand up to people in our own party working with republicans. The mission of the democratic party is to elect democrats. Sure sometimes those democrats suck, but if you don't argee that that is the mission primary mission of the party then what's your motivation for being in the party?

Brassmask said...

What's the best route? Who do we totally call and give hell about this?

I'm a newbie, somebody tell me who to email or call.

LeftWingCracker said...


What state House District do you live in? The ExecCom reps are arranged by House district.

Then, once you know that, they are listed at

David Holt said...

Brass, you're state rep district is 89 which means your ex com members are myself, my wife Margo Holt, Brad Watkins, and Suzzane Darnell.

LeftWingCracker said...

Which means you don't have to lobby them, because they'll vote to DTMFA (Dump The MFs Already)

Brassmask said...


That's a load off my mind.

Would it help to contact the rest of the members?