Friday, March 10, 2006

See Ya, Wendi!

UPDATE @ 4:30 P.M. : The CA finally breaks the story on their site.

Breaking News: Wendi Thomas is leaving for the Baltimore Sun, according to Romenesko's MediaNews, which got a copy of the internal Sun memo.

Here it is:

Memo to Baltimore Sun employees

03/10/2006 03:01 PM

To: Newsroom

Subject: Staff announcement

We are pleased to announce that Wendi Thomas will be joining The Sun as a metro columnist.

Wendi has been a columnist at The Commercial Appeal in Memphis since August 2003. Her columns -- known for their flair and humor -- include taking on a prominent and controversial political family and calling for elected officials to sign ethical codes of conduct. She has examined potential budget cuts to after-school activities in Memphis and told stories of redemption among ex-gang members. And she has challenged a ballet teacher who won't let a pupil with dreadlocked hair perform in a recital.

Before joining [the Commercial Appeal] -- her hometown paper -- Wendi worked as a reporter and editor at The Indianapolis Star, The Tennessean and the Charlotte Observer. She is a 1993 journalism graduate of Butler University.Wendi is set to start at The Sun April 17, and she'll begin writing later in the month. We're excited to have her bring her sharp insight to Baltimore and read her take on the people and events of our community.

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