Thursday, March 30, 2006

The gift that keeps on giving...

First, it was our dear Christian Progressive Liberal who laid the smackdown on Young Weird Harold for saying that Miss Vera, his Grandmother, was white.

Then, Wendi Thomas devoted one of her final CA columns to the subject.

Now, The Black Commentator brings the sleddgehammer to Junior for this faux pas and they smash him down. Hard. Hat tip to the CPL for noting it at the Fly!

Here's a snippet from the article, which you should read in its entirety:

Tennessee's "greatest lynching carnival" was held in Memphis in May 1917 when Ell Person, the allegedly confessed ax-murderer of a sixteen-year-old white girl, was burned to death in the presence of fifteen thousand men, women, and little children. The mother of the murdered child cheered the mob as they poured oil on the man and set him afire. The Memphis Press said that "the mob fought and screamed and crowded to get a glimpse of him and the mob closed in and struggled about the fire."

Young Harold Ford (known as "The Prince"), who ascended to his father's congressional seat at the age of 26 in 1996, would have us believe that, during this period of murderous white mob violence, a white couple from Memphis would both decide to become Black, and to subject their children to Jim Crow schools and lynch law justice. It defies all reason - an amazing fiction concocted in Harold Jr.'s head for purposes unknown.


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polar donkey said...

four hours and twenty three minutes for the steering committee to vote 5 to 3 to recommend our republican infiltrators be kicked out. Why does it take this long for something so obvious to happen?