Wednesday, March 22, 2006

We're all octoroons under the skin....

Well now, y'all best get ready, the Christian Progressive Liberal has decided to comment on the ongoing controversy of the race of Ms. Vera Ford, mother AND grandmother of a Congressman, who both say was white.

Here's a morsel of comment:

He won't catch a break from African-American voters that he needs at nearly 100% turnout to balance the White votes he doesn't get, because in going to great lengths to make it known he has a white grandmother, Ford just alienated African-American voters because they may believe that he finds something so negative in being African-American, that he's ashamed of being African-American. Why should we vote for an African-American who's ashamed of his ethnicity? You know how African-Americans diss Clarence Thomas, and he didn't even run for office! By appearing to be ashamed of being African-American, how can Harold Ford aspire to lead other African-Americans? In order to lead us, you need to have a love for us. Claiming a white grandmother and distancing yourself from being African-American doesn't indicate you have a love for African-Americans, and if you say it does, PROVE IT.

As the great South Knox Bubba would have said, OK then. Go read the rest of it!

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The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Wow! Thanks for the link and the tempting excerpt. I am very honored.