Friday, March 31, 2006

Back to the statewide race at the moment..

I will post more about the ExecCom situation later, as it appears I may have been wrong about the primary Board, we're still looking into that.

However, as I have noted in the past, Junior continues to trail two of three potential Republican opponents, according to the latest Zogby/WSJ poll (hat tip to JB!). He apparently leads Bob Corker (the numbers weren't published); however, the comments indicate that Corker, despite his money, polls consistently behind Ed Bryant and Van Hilleary.

The results? Ford trails Bryant 49.9-42.4, and trails Hilleary 47.2-44.2. Yes, he's roaring to victory, all right.

I keep telling you he can't win, and these polls keep fleshing that out. You know in your heart that we only have one hope to win this seat, and you know who she is.


Evil said...

A few thoughts...

Where's Karita in the poll? Does she poll better?

You mean to tell me you're surprised that a black Democrat from Memphis named Ford is not winning?

Did you notice the trend lines?

Did you notice that he's within the margin of error on Hilleary?

Brewster Baker said...

Here is how Kurita fared in the latest ogby 3/27:

Kurita 34.8&
Corker 43.2%

Kurita 35.3%
Hilleary 49.1%

Kurita 32.9%
Bryant 51.7%