Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Kurita is picking up steam as Ford looks more unelectable

I have been told by a friend who has seen the new issue of the Flyer that Senator Kurita is on the front page with a good story to back it up. The new issue is on stands now; it will be put on the website Friday, if they follow normal procedure.

Add to that the fact that Junior slipped again in the latest Rasmussen polls pitting him against each Gooper candidate, and that his burn-rate of campaign $$$ is apparently approaching warp speed, and we actually have a Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate.

I am in the process of developing a separate blog for the Kurita campaign, which I will link to over in the blogroll once it's done.


Brassmask said...

That is really great news.

Chris D. Jackson said...

LOL, this is too funny.

Is this satire? Kurita picking up steam and Ford is losing ground? Really?

You are wrong on both accounts.

First off, Kurita is a non-starter. Thus, I will not address her anymore at this time other than to say that I was at an event for Congressman Ford Monday in Nashville, and about 5 Kurita supporters went around putting Kurita flyers on people's windshields. How pathetic is that? Then they tried to infiltrate the event, but were caught. I guess desperate times call for desperate mesasures on their part.

Secondly, Congressman Ford's campaign is gaining momenteum, contrary to what you say. Today's National Journal even agrees with that notion:

The bottom line is Congressman Ford will be the Democratic nominee and our next U.S. Senator.

I hope that you will accept that he and get on board to help bring about real change in this state.

LeftWingCracker said...

I was young and had idols once, too, Chris, and I also had hopes that harold junior would be as good a Congressman as his father.

But you and I both know better. I'm not surprised that the right-wing national Journal thinks harold is winning; he's got the DC media buffaloed into thinking he has a chance.

Obviously you ignored the findings from the poll; your man is slipping and slipping fast. Kurita has almost as much on hand cash as Harold right now. What's he done with it, other than pay DC consultants who blow smoke up his ass.

You see, Chris, unlike his father and the rest of his family, he's not really FROM memphis, he is completely a product of Washington. Remember what happened to Al Gore? Guess who's next?

You keep dreaming that he's won, and when you wake up on that Friday morning in August and the dream has become a nightmare, I won't taunt you; I'llmark this down as a lesson that you had to learn.

And then, we'll need YOU to help elect Rosalind Kurita to the U. S. Senate.

autoegocrat said...

You took the words right out of my mouth, Steve. I respect Chris for his energy, but the young padawan still has much to learn.

Sometimes I think he takes the criticism of Ford personally.

JBH said...

Well fellows, I agree with Chris. I suspect that the national party will help Jr much, not so for Kurita. National pols will show up for Jr., not so for Kurita.
I'm not a young whatever a padawan is, but Jr is the best hope for taking back our seat, in our state that has a democratic governor. We can elect a state wide democrat. Good luck on your endeavor to elect Kurita and I hope to see you back on our side after the primary

Brassmask said...

Wow, it really astounds me at how people just believe that Jr is a shoo-in.

I don't know that Kurita can rally and win the nomination. I'd love to believe she could but there is just no way in hell that Jr. can beat a Republican in TN WHEN HE GOES AROUND ACTING LIKE A REPUBLICAN.

That seems smart on the face but how any democrat can support a Republican is just beyond me.

To me, that is a real campaign issue for Democrats to stand on. I know I'm one-note-Johnny but DEAN came out swinging and he got people excited and behind him by BEING A DEMOCRAT.

I admit he was more "moderate" as a governor but Hayseuss Kreesto people. Let a Dem be a Dem for once instead of trying to trick Reps into voting for a person instead of principles.

LeftWingCracker said...

That, of course, has been my point all along; it's as if he is ashamed to be a Democrat, like there's something wrong with it. I would bet that's why he voted for the bankruptcy bill, that's why he has been so gung-ho on the war.

Somehow, the right-wing media has brainwashed people into think that we are wrong in what we stand for, and Ford is Exhibit A.

Say what you will about his father, he never would have turned his back on Democratic principles the way Junior has.

Brassmask said...

I think we should hold those who betray Dem accountable but what I'm running into is the "conventional wisdom" that seems to be that if someone with a D behind their name gets in (even if they act like a conservative republican) that's better than a person with an R behind their name.

I haven't figured out if that applies to someone who has an R behind their name and acts like a liberal Democrat. I can't think of any of those. I'd love to know of any.

David Holt said...

Lincoln Chafee. Jeffords before he switched. A few other leftover Rockefellar Reps aren't half bad.

JBH said...

maybe acting like a republican in a state that is a major republican state will be more electible than a candidate that will turn off every single republican voter.

Brassmask said...

So, if he acts like a Republican and wins, what good is he to Democrats?

Is the Democratic party a conservative party out for the interests of corporations? 'Cause that sounds like a republican to me.

And if he wins with that sort of campaign (acting like a Republican in a "major republican state" [you've already lost if you look at it like that]) then when he's in office will he then suddenly become a democrat and support early intervention programs and such?

Because if that is what you think he is going to do then it sounds like he is doing what I can't stand candidates doing. He is assuming that since he has a D behind his name, Democrats/liberals will vote for him and that conservative/Republicans will vote for him because he is acting like a Republican.

That sounds like someone who wants to just hold office and has no principles. And call me old-fashioned but I'm agin that.

JBH said...

You know candidates that run toward their base in the primary have a very hard time in the general, when the majority is with the general. too many words to eat later. i wish jr could be more to the left, but if he goes there he would have a hard time in the general. Jr is running a campaign now for the general election, running to take some repubs, which he will need. he will have most all democrats. pretty smart, i would say.