Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Well, if we're going to rebuild local parties, we'd better start with this one!

And what better way than by raising money? (Yes, I'm an old hack from way back, how did you know?)

The SCDP announces the following:

Kennedy Day Dinner

The Shelby County Democratic Party's Annual Kennedy Day Dinner will be held on Monday, May 22, at the Central Ballroom of the University of Memphis Holiday Inn (3700 Central Avenue). The featured speaker will be Bob Tuke, Chairman of the Tennessee Democratic Party.

Tickets are $125. Tickets to the pre-dinner reception (5:30, also at the U of M's Holiday Inn) are $75. Or purchase a full table (seating for 8) for your group for $1000.
Click HERE to purchase tickets online (coming soon).

Online tickets? Holy smokes, they are trying to get tech-savvy! By the way, we appreciate that the SCDP is returning to dear old House District 93 (home of the Cracker, this guy and this guy, not to mention this blog), as we do enjoy hosting our fellow Democrats.

On another note, all we get for $125 is Bob Tuke? No Hillary Clinton? Not even a DLCer like Pryor or Lincoln? Oh well, at least he's a good Democrat, even if he does support Bredesen! :-)

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David Holt said...

It will likely be more than Tuke, he's a fall back and a good Democrat who won't be offended if someone else RSVP's and takes over the keynote spot. Oh, and you scooped me on the endorsements, I've been meaning to get around to that for a few days now. Teach me to be lazy.