Monday, March 13, 2006

Is he ever going to wake up and smell the coffee?

Despite the Goopers giving Harold Junior the Ned Beatty treatment with their FANCY FORD website, despite every NRSC post making reference to his "liberalism" (that's hysterical), despite all of that. Junior has decided that he will still try to get people who would never vote for him, to, well, vote for him.

Junior, UNLIKE local Democrat John Tanner (that Commie bastard he) and that Republican fellow-traveler John Duncan of Knoxville, voted FOR the reauthorization of the Patriot Act. That, despite the fact that it's a far more vicious attack on our constitutional rights than anything any Al-Qaeda member can dream up.

It's time to level with you, Congressman. All those folks outside Shelby & Davidson Counties, most of them aren't going to vote for you, ESPECIALLY if they're Republican. Those morons in DC who are sucking out your money at an incredible burn-rate are giving you VERY bad advice.

While many of those non-urban folks will smile at you and shake your hand, they're NOT going to vote for you, even if it's that "liberal" Bob Corker fella that wins the Gooper nomination. All your hard work sucking up to Anus, er, Imus and Fox News is going to waste, especially once your uncle's trial starts.

Save your money, get out now, and run for Mayor of Memphis; you'll be better off in the long haul.


Brassmask said...

And check out DailyKos for Ford's ad. Does he think that will help?

Brad Watkins said...

Ahhh...the rumor that will not die...

I cannot believe I am saying this but, J1.0 could not help but do a better job than the current Mayor,
Hell...even I would be willing to bury the hatchet on that one. Granted we would most likely be replacing one set of minions with another...but in the meantime, we would at least get to the bottom of the mystery of the city budget.
Plus if he did choose to run for Mayor he would no longer have to appease Neo conservatives, he might be able to reinvent himself into a more progressive image. It also should be concidered that at least this way Junior still gets to replace a high profile Republican. Hmmm Diet vs. Regular?.....I have to say DIET. You know this bit has been going around for at least a year now and just will not go away...sign me up Pesky Fly.

polar donkey said...

god damn J1.0 is pathetic.
If he would have run his port deal commercial two weeks ago, rather than a week ago, he could have gotten a lot more political hay out of it. I though he would pull the ad Friday, but he's stil running it. Now he's going to get slammed because it isn't exactly accurate and it is beginning to look like he's beating a "dead elephant."
As for the fancy ford website. I don't buy the racist argument (for the first time) against the republicans. I do think that it was a waste of a brilliant idea on a candidate who is going to lose anyway. Now the republicans gave an interesting idea to democrats to use against much fancier, corrupt republicans.
What's the deal with Fancyfrist? He's gone after November and nobody in their right mind thinks he will be President. Why not ConceitedCorker. Isn't he a prick? Or VapidVanHillary. He's dumb as a stump and as interesting as one too. Hey, I like BoorishByrant.