Friday, March 31, 2006

An update!

A friend of mine rumored to know a thing or two about politics suggested that, if he/she were sending this letter out for Walter Bailey, she/he would change it accordingly:

Dear Constituent:

Thank you for all the years of trust you've put in me as your County Commissioner.

I had hoped to represent you one more term if it were your desire to vote for me.

The Tennessee Court of Appeals told me that, in fact, I could offer you my candidacy for one more term. So, I filed my petition & put my name in the running.

The next court said that I COULDN'T run; however, my name will still appear on the ballot.

If you like one of the other fellow who are running, then vote for them. If you would like the chance to vote for someone else in August, then vote for BAILEY and if my names gets more votes, our local Democratic Party will select a nominee to carry our banner to victory on August 3.

Please consider doing this, because the fellow I fear most (and who has the most money to spend), JW Gibson, is a Republican of many years and has sneaked onto the ballot to trick you into voting for a Republican as your Democratic nominee.

Attached is a record of his Republican service and his Republican primary voting. In order to make sure that a REAL Democrat is elected to the County Commission, vote for BAILEY on May 2.

What do you think? In Walter's case, I ABSOLUTELY think he should do this. In fact, Walter, if you read this, take this letter with my blessing and USE IT!

I like Derrick Harris, he's a good guy and works hard for the party. However, against Gibson's money, he will get run over. It's a shame, but that's how it is.

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