Friday, March 31, 2006


I sure do. We are roughly 48 hours and 30 minutes from the beginning of the 2006 baseball season, to be opened by the team that closed the 2005 season, the defending WORLD SERIES CHAMPION CHICAGO WHITE SOX.

While we bid a sad adieu to future Hall of Famer Frank Thomas, we said hello to Jim Thome from the Phillies, and new 5th starter Javier Vasquez, who has been impressive this spring. All in all, I will be watching ESPN2 Sunday night for the festivities.

Let's make it back-to-back!


Len said...

The Baseball Prophets are, as usual, all over the place. Though most, I regret to say, don't have the Sox repeating. Quite a few done't even have them winning the AL Central again.

Here's a projection based on a 100 season Monte Carlo sim, FWIW:

I will note (because I like to rub such things in) that most prognosticators are picking the Cardinals to repeat in the NL Central, though things get ugly after that....

Third and Union said...

Why do you have "the Chicago Cubs" listed as one of your interests in your profile? Is that meant to be ironic?