Thursday, March 02, 2006

Junior is spending his contributions like a drunken sailor!!

The fabulous Pesky Fly beat me to this stunning note from Rosalind Kurita's website:

Harold Ford, Jr. keeps touting his big fundraising numbers.What he's not telling people is this:"In the third quarter, he spent more than he raised. In the fourth he took in $1 million and spent $910,755. His balance is ... considerably less than he estimated a few weeks ago."

Tennessee Journal, Feb. 6, 2006 edition.

Here's my question: on WHAT is he spending his money? Have any of YOU seen any ads lately? Have you gotten flyers in the mail from the Man Who Would Be Senator?

Just how much more ass will he have to kiss in the event he wins the primary? How much will he have to sell out to keep the $$$ rolling in IF he gets to represent the Democrats in November?

Stay tuned, and great job as always, big Fly!

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polar donkey said...

He's got to pay his Washington handlers who keep booking him on Imus. Note to Ford, nobody watches Imus in Tennessee.