Friday, March 31, 2006

Guess my apology wasn't quite enough, so..

Lest I be accused of throwing old friends under a speeding bus (well, hell, it's too late, I already HAVE been), in all honesty, there apparently have been many factors regarding the Primary Board.

Primary Boards are apparently to be appointed every four years, of which we were not aware. Apparently, the Elections committee of the SCDP (on which I once served) and the Candidate Recruitment Committee were to have assisted on pulling the voting histories.

I have been informed that, once the filing deadline passed, a suggestion was made to pull the histories; however, it appears that members of the Primary Board were told that the other committees were working on it, so nothing was done until all hell broke loose.

Which leads me to my earlier point; where were those who were to oversee the process?

It's damned hard to be a Party Chair, especially when you have to make sure everything goes right. When it doesn't, it leads back to the person in charge of the whole shebang. However, to paraphrase the immortal Super Chicken (not the blues guitarist, either), you knew the job was dangerous when you took it, Matt.

It is the job of the Chair and the Steering Committee to keep their eyes peeled. Yes, this is a rookie mistake. Yes, it could have happened to anybody; but it didn't, and with the Goopers looking to hold onto power at damn near any cost, we can't afford to make this mistake.

As for my friends on the Primary Board, mea culpa. I owe you a beer or three. Or more.


Anonymous said...

From the Tennessean 4/1:

"Corker's GOP rivals call him a fraud

Hilleary and Bryant cite his votes in two Democratic primaries"

This is getting rich!

RAM said...

Explain how this is the Chair and the steering committee's fault, please.

Stealth said...

Please enlightened us RAM on John Freeman's ulterior motive since you said I must have one?

Stealth said...

When several people asked why the Democratic Party was letting J.W. Gibson, a republican run as a Democrat, we contacted E.C. and asked them to pull everyone's voting histories. That is when we found out about Gibson and Hatcher.

James Johnson, Administrator of the E.C. told us on the 21st that even though the period for challenging had past, we might still be able to do something because the ballots had not been printed yet because of all of the injunctions, and if the Party was going to challenge anyone, they needed to do it before the injunctions were lifted.

At that point, we started contacting the Party and others so something could be done hopefully before the injunctions were lifted.

James Johnson left a message at 12:40 pm on last Thursday afternoon (30th) that the E.C. was suppose to have started printing ballots that morning after the TN Supreme Court upheld the Term Limits case, but was not going to do so until the SCDP had it's meeting that evening and they contacted him to let him know what they decided.

We knew if we mentioned this that similar, "little-minded people" such as you would spend more time criticizing the "why" than "what can we do about it at this point?"

It's done, it's past the time to do it in a regular appeals process is over, but we still can have an affect on the situation. If you spent 1/2 the time trying to help make sure that these two do not get elected at this point as you have criticizing, then the Party would be much further along on resolving this situation.

You were probably the one or one of them that thought that Richard Fields should stay on the Committee after offering his legal services to the Republican Party, "pro bono." Another example of the time spent on defending/refuting him could have been spent on getting Ophelia elected, so the whole thing could have been a "mute point."

The issue was not Ophelia Ford. It was about keeping as close as a majority (17 -16) in the Senate as possible so maybe the Democrats would not have to concentrate on that seat this year and could focus more on getting control of the Senate for next year, and Richard Fields wanting to give the Republicans one more seat or maybe setting himself up to run for it again this year.

Heck, one of the persons helping to shape the direction of the Party voted for Terry Roland (Ophelia would have won by 14 votes.)

Obviously, RAM is more concerned about criticizing and working against the Party, than for it.

Sure the Primary Board is partially at fault, but as important as it is to have a Democratic majority on the County Commission for the next 4 years w/ a Democratic County Gov't, everyone should have been making sure that the Republicans did not slip someone in the "backdoor."

70s Kid said...

Off topic--

The severe weather is exciting - it reminds me of home -

Please keep us informed of ways to help Steve Cohen get elected.