Tuesday, March 28, 2006

You KNOW you've noticed it...

And, you were disturbed by it, but, for obvious reasons, you didn't want to talk about it publicly.

However, Mid-South local TV viewers, your shame is over, as a courageous reader and letter-writer to the Arkansas Daily Blog asked the question for which we ALL want an answer:

A reader, Seymour Butts of Hempwallace, sends a letter to the Blog editor. We think he may have a point:

Don't make the blog into a politics-all-the-time deal, man.

I realize politickin' is your meat and potatoes, but there are so many crucial questions that need answering, and only you are up to the task.

Like, why is Jennifer, the Watson's pool and spa and pool table girl, sporting a new look that makes her look like Eddie Munster on crack? Man, her hair is slicked back like Eddie Munster's and is a startling blonde/black zebra stripe do.

Plus, she appears in her new commercial to be sensationally pregnant, thus rendering her an unlikely candidate to pose fetchingly on the side of an above-ground swimmin' hole as she grins maniacally and shouts, "Watson's!"

It scares me to look at her any more, plus her manly-lad colleague has shaved off his big bushy mustache and as a consequence has lost about 30 per cent of his manliness.

People want answers.

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mike said...

She jumped the shark years ago, when she started saying more than "That's Watson's!"

These days, it's the furniture selling blonde. Yeah, she's married and dresses conservatively, but she's cute, too.