Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I like your choices, David!

David Holt, the West Tennessee Liberal his own self, has decided to join the Cracker in endorsing Joe Young, Reginald Fentress, and Steve Mulroy in their campaigns.

This would have been up earlier in the day, but Blogger has been down for posting since this morning.

I will have an interesting story about the SRLC later in the day; however, go read brother Holt's good comments on our candidates!


SgtLarry said...

What about COUNTY COMMISSION DISTRICT 2, POSITION 1? I know I'm not voting for Walter "No Term Limits" Bailey. But who are the other two?

Walter L. Bailey Democratic Nominee

J. W. Gibson, II Democratic Nominee

D. Harris Democratic Nominee

Stealth said...

Personally I like J.W., and he did vote "Democrat" a few times between when he registered (8/18/1987) and when he started voting "Republican" (5/1/1994). But J. W. Gibson, II is running as a Democrat, and has voted "Republican" since 5/1/1994 (according to his "Voting History" from the "Shelby County Election Commission"), and served on the "Shelby County Republican Executive Committee" as an "At-Large Member - Position 3" ( This will lead you to his email: and then, go to his website:

We have a good chance of getting a majority on the County Commission this election (7 - 6), and I do not want to possibly risk electing someone who has this close of ties to the Republican Party. I'm sure this is not the intention, but it might appear to some people that this is a "backdoor attempt" to keeping a Republican majority on the Commission if the Democrats win the District 5 seat.

Also Paul Springer who is running as a Democrat in the County Commission District 3, Position 1 election has voted "Republican" since he registered to vote on 8/27/1992.