Friday, November 06, 2009

It's time to implement a Spay-and-Neuter ordinance in the city

After reading the horrible accounts of mismanagement at the Memphis Animal Shelter and seeing the sickening picture of the starved dog, I am delighted that Mayor Wharton took quick action to fix the issues there.

Vvixen joins the blogging world with a report on the vigil that took place at the Animal Shelter in remembrance of the dogs who were neglected to death, and you should read it.

Then, go read Polar Donkey as he forcefully states the point; requiring pet owners to spay or neuter their animals would help to reduce the number of unwanted pets in the city, reducing the demands that are put on the Shelter in the first place.

I agree with PD, this is highly needed, and I intend to talk to my councilors about this situation.


Vvixen said...

Well, Mayor Wharton finally took action:

I think it remains to be seen just what really happened at the shelter. But as the manager in charge, Alexander has to take responsibility. And as an appointed official, he serves at the pleasure of the Mayor, so Mayor Wharton has every right to fire him.

captainkona said...

It would be great if we did that here in Bristol. Being in the mountains, we have a large amount of wildlife as it is and lots of feral domestics.

Trouble is, if you try to force some hillbillies to S&N they'll just call cousin Robbie. He's the one who fixes all the cars, plumbing, electric stuff and microwaves.
He could prob'ly fix the cat too.