Sunday, November 08, 2009

Tennessee Democrats, we need to talk for a moment

You see, we are all in the midst of a situation here, one that we can stop in its infancy, but we need your help.

I'm certain that if you read this blog, or follow any of the fine bloggers listed on the righthand side of this blog, you will have read of the exploits of the Stuntbaby of Germantown (TM ACK), former Rep. Brian Kelsey, who is seeking to replace former Senator Paul Stanley in District 31.

Kelsey is a hyper-ambitious guy, whose stands on issues are even too far to the right for the conservative District 31. Kelsey voted to allow guns in parks and guns in bars, positions that angered residents of Germantown. He is a grandstander, and wants to be a Congressman or higher some day.

In short, he doesn't give too hoots in hell for what his old District 83 thought or what Senate District 31 wants, he is too busy trying to move up the food chain.

While the GOP establishment in Nashville loves Kelsey, the rank and file aren't that smitten with him here. In short, he is not even close to being a lock for election on December 1.

Part of the reason for that is Democratic nominee Adrienne Pakis-Gillon, who has been walking all over the district for the past month, with an ever-growing team of supporters. This is a winnable race, which begs a serious question:

Considering that A) EVERY Senate and House seat is critical in preventing a complete GOP takeover of the General Assembly, which will lead to Democrats losing up to three seats in Congress from Tennessee and B) we have a chance to end Brian Kelsey's political career before he damages anything else, why the hell has the TNDP essentially told Adrienne that they aren't going to help her?

THESE are the races that make differences in how each party is viewed. If the GOP can't hold on to this seat, their presumed hegemony is NOT going to happen. Now, understand, I don't want the TNDP to send troops (not after the House 62 debacle), but I DO want them to send money.

(NOTE: You, too, can help Adrienne with time and/or money, go and find out how, it's CRUCIAL!)

Adrienne is showing how this race can and will be won, and unlike Kelsey, she cares what the people of her district think and believe. She is married with children, unlike Kelsey, and she works in small business and understands the needs of Senate 31.

I will be creating a group at the TNDP site for Adrienne in the next day or two, and I will put something up about that. However, in the interim, join her when you can to knock on doors, and if you can put a few bucks in the cookie jar to help her win a race that CAN be won and MUST be won, do it.

Let's put someone in the Senate who cares about what their District wants, not what their Campaign Manager wants.


Newscoma said...

Great post! I enjoyed meeting Adrienne last night. I'll be helping get the word out tomorrow. :)

callmeishmael said...

I'll play Mercutio here: a plague on both your houses! The only alternative that values the uniqueness and singularity of each individual is the Libertarian Party. I write, as the Cracker knows, not as a lifelong Libertarian, but as a recent convert after having experienced the actual nature of "postmodern liberalism." It is decidedly different from the liberalism of FDR, RFK and--God bless him--Brother Bill.