Tuesday, November 17, 2009

You know, I was going to write a big post about the County Mayor selection

and a lot of it would have to do with the shabby treatment of the honorable Judge Otis Higgs, who was apparently told he had the votes to be selected County Mayor on a second ballot. However, he had to sit and watch as the rug was pulled out from under him as Joe Ford was elected. This man deserved a better fate and not the slap in the face he received.

However, Polar Donkey has written an even better post about the state of the County right now, and I want all of you to go and read it now.


Tom Guleff said...

In politics, you have to have something valuable to barter with. Otis had nothing the commissioners wanted.

Anonymous said...
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callmeishmael said...

Look, Cracker: we your loyal, if curmudgeonly, readers have been waiting with baited and exhaled breath upon your latest entry for almost (OH HORRORS, CALL OUT THE NATIONAL GUARD--WAIT, MOST OF THEM ARE IN IRAQ, RIGHT--SO CALL OUT SOMEONE LOCAL, SAY LIKE THE SHELBY COUNTY GOP) a week to partake of your newest statement of waxing, if usually incorrect, eloquence. Please bring our long, local nightmare to a close! Lead us from Edward Cullen's Twilight into blissful communion with Bella! We don't want to walk on The Road with Aragorn Mortensen since Charlize Monster Theron was Left Behind with Tim LaHaye's book publishers! Oh Great Chronicler of All that is Wrong with the Metropolis on the American Nile--as a U of M history Ph.D once titled his book about the fair city--make us wait no longer!!