Friday, September 15, 2006

I had hoped it would not come to this.....

Freedonian has a post that saddens my heart, as it appears that Asshead can't even open his OWN campaign headquarters, but is operating out of his brother's HQ at Park and Ridgeway.

I am not even sure if this is legal by FEC standards, as while one might expect a central Party HQ where multiple candidates could operate, as this involves an "independent" and a "Democrat" (if Junior is going to help his brother over Cohen, he's no Democrat).

How am I supposed to aid and endorse all Democratic Nominees when the Senate nominee refuses to do the same? I'm not asking Junior to give Asshead the Fredo Treatment, but support your own party, Ace, or don't ask me for mine.

We're done. It's on now, baby.

UPDATE: The Space Ninja weighs in with a VERY interesting take on Freedonian's post.


Freedonian said...

Park & Ridgeway? Are they working out of the old GOP HQ???

Steve Steffens said...

Right next door to it, Bubba; Wharton was there, too.

Anonymous said...

I outlined the math at the bottom of my early August post, "Make a Decision, Harold Jr."

A vote for a minor candidate in the US Senate contest is ONE vote against party traitor Harold Ford, Jr.

A vote for the highest or second highest probable vote-getter is TWO votes against party traitor Harold Ford, Jr.

The noise out of "Big Shelby" County about this sordid, arrogant, obsolete nepotism ought to start being heard loud and clear, statewide, and immediately.

For those who didn't click on the last link:

"Nepotism means favouring relatives because of their relationship rather than because of their abilities."

kibitzer said...

I am honor-bound to append this comment, made in response to someone's query about the Friday-morning rally and the reports that came of it:

Well, frankly, ___, I'm skeptical -- not that ALL the Fords aren't busting for Jake. The evidence is certainly that they are. But I was at that little (actually, big) rally Friday morning> I was there before Jr. got there and left after he left. As for the rally: (a) it did not seem to be a College Democrats function; in fact, David Cocke served as mc; (b) Jr. addressed the crowd, which may certainly have included several College Democrats; it also included several senior citizens, business types, midtown Dems, suburban Democrats, etc., etc.; it was a general Democratic crowd, very mixed. (c) After Jr. (who had arrived on his campaign bus) finished speaking, he decamped -- to go, as he indicated, to join Ben Hooks for the dedication of the Hooks Job Center in Whitehaven. He scooted; the crowd was milling about; I stayed a few minutes and left.

I did see Jake there, very briefly. If he talked to the crowd, or worked the crowd, or whatever, it was well after Jr. left, and without any public say-so from Jr. Whatever he did, and with and to whom, he also did after I left. So I couldn't say. But it appears that the accounts that have been posted and that we've read may be exaggerated.

Note, ___, that all these reports were of Friday morning's meeting. I'd be as outraged as anybody else if what they described had happened at that meeting. I'll just let my above description stand. Maybe there was another meeting, another day, in which some Jr.-to-Jake handoff occurred, but I doubt it. Sorry.