Friday, September 15, 2006

Pam ain't playin'!

Responding to both the Freedonian and Space Ninja posts referenced below, Pam cuts right to the chase at the Freedonian site.

Here's a sample:

Many of the people that have contributed to Jr.’s campaign are also supporters of Steve Cohen. When they donated to Jr., they did not do so with the intention of financing his little brother’s campaign as well. Had they known that this scenario, many would have more likely withhold their wallets as well as their votes, and Jr. should know better. And, if Jr.’s supporters wish to donate to Jake’s campaign as well, they should follow proper and legitimate channels as established by law and give to Jake’s campaign directly.

Ok, go read the rest!


Formerly Considered Moderate said...

Having read all the linked posts over the last couple of days, I have no choice left with regard to Harold Jr. He will not receive my vote. My 'support' for 'our' Senate nominee has always been shaky in this race due to his voting record. However, now he has added the last straw - and the camel in question is flat on its stomach with no recovery in sight.

Several of you illustrious progressive bloggers have stated that 'it's on'. It is! Not only has Jr. lost my vote, he has motivated me to get off my butt and go bust it for Cohen as all of us should. Help will be necessary to counter the actions of this damn family who thinks they deserve every office regardless of qualifications and regardless of the voting process. The following folks should now be targeted as traitors to the Democratic Party: Joe Ford Sr, Harold Ford Sr and, last but not least, Harold Ford Jr. Joe Sr. should not be allowed to run as a Democrat next time around having turned on the Democratic nominee (where is Del Gill when you need him?). Harold Sr should be ridden out of town and back to FL on a rail. We'll see where Ophelia stands, but I think we know.

As to our Senate nominee - the rest of the Democrats in the State must be informed of what's going on down here. You guys are the bloggers and must have contacts in the rest of the state and country. IT'S ON - REMEMBER? GET THE WORD OUT AND THEN GET OVER TO COHEN HEADQUARTERS AND DO ANYTHING YOU CAN UNTIL NOVEMBER.

Let's pass the word and dry up Jr.'s funding and send him packing. The DNC needs to be all over his ass too. Thanks for the facts!

Richmond said...

Blagojevich up by 12 points here with Whitney at 6. Rich will also be allowed to debate down here wt the Paul Simon Institute, I believe. Blagojevich may not show up, but we'll see. Some of the IEA folks think he's also getting close to being indicted. If that happens, Whitney may get 10 to 20 percent and all bets about re-election are off.
I've posted again: check it out.