Thursday, September 28, 2006

I'm sorry, I didn't quite hear you..

WHO did you say had a 6-point lead in the Senate race? Mr. Zogby says, not so much.

This is why you NEVER trust internal polls, kids. Zogby sez Corker 47.6, Ford 42.4, MOE +/- 3.4% . No, I'm not happy about this, but I thought the Ford-by-6 internal poll was bullshit.

When Zogby or Quinnipiac or SUSA or Rasmussen (Goopers that they are) give Ford a 6-point lead, I'll applaud, but not before.

Hat tip to Polar donkey, who emailed the link to me.

UPDATE: Chris Bowers of MyDD opines that the Internet-only sampling of Zogby may make his polls outliers. Read on here; it's down toward the end of the post.