Friday, September 29, 2006

I'm not the only one asking the question.

The Christian Progressive Liberal has written an open letter to Chris D. Jackson over at The Flypaper Theory, and she is not flippant, she asks probing questions.

Mr. Jackson, as you know, is the blogger of The Ford Report, and he has asked us to join the Ford campaign. CPL asks him why we should:

Get past your hero worship of the man and look at his voting record. Examine what his votes actually mean. They mean to torture people; they mean to leave them physically, mentally and emotionally bankrupt. They promise to deliver a prehistoric time that the forefathers of this country ran away from England from, because they decided that they didn't want to live like that again, EVER.

They promise not to educate our kids. Tell me how a voucher is going to do that, when an economically strapped family still has to pay to send his kid to St. Albans, even if that family gets an actual voucher - but one that only pays a portion of the tution costs?

They promise to limit whether or not you can send your child to college; or a person buy their own home, or start businesses, or keep sending 18-year olds off to fight in wars that they are ill-trained, ill-equipped and psychologically not mature enough to handle. Has he talked to Vietnam vets like John Murtha or John Kerry about how their experiences in Vietnam affected them? Has he talked to Max Cleland, a Senator who left three limbs in a rice patty, only to get slimed by the likes of the draft-dodging Saxby Chambliss?

Please, PLEASE read it all.

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