Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Now, for a slightly contrarian position...

I am falling down on the job, friends. I meant to link to this marvelous observation by Polar Donkey on Steve Cohen's campaign, his strengths and weaknesses.

Choice cut:

This week offers Cohen an opportunity. Bush is coming to town on Wednesday. Cohen should go down there and be front and center at that protest. The protest could be the kick off of his campaign spending the next 45 days in the “C”. Forget running against Jake. Play up a populist message and go after Bush hard. Show people that you aren’t afraid to stand up to Bush and the Republicans. Could Jake stand up to Bush the way Cohen could? Obviously, Jr didn’t and he can’t now because he’s kissing republican asses all around the state. If Jr and Jake go campaigning in town together they aren’t going to be able to go after Bush the way Cohen could. If Jr dared, what he said would be broadcast instantly around the state. Black folks don’t like the war and republican economics. Cohen is a fighter so go out and prove you are fighter in areas where people need a champion the most.

OK, go read the rest of it!

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