Thursday, September 07, 2006

Do you like the music of Scotland and Ireland?

Well, I do, and if you do as well, why not take a short three-hour drive to Jackson, MS this weekend for CelticFest Mississippi?

Headliners include The Fuchsia Band, along with Randal Bays and Daithi Sproule. Among the regional acts are Rose Creek Village, TN's own Kula, who are also bringing their great dance troupe WindDance. Rose Creek Village is just outside Selmer, in WTL's old backyard.

There will be music, dance, food, drink, and a session or two, so come on down and join us for a good time in Jackson this weekend!


Chris Davis said...

Oh Steve...

I actually like a lot of c-music, but MOST of the fans (You, a certain exception) drive me CRAZY.

I will tell stories if I have to.

autoegocrat said...

What time are you going to return from MS?

David Holt said...

Literally, backyard. Margo's from Rose Creek and her parents' land literally backs up to theirs. Small world.

Sharon Cobb said...

Okay. Now you're hurting me. I would LOVE to spend the weekend down there. I love Celtic music!
Have you ever heard of Steeleye Span? They merged traditonal Irish/Scottish/Brittish folk ballads with rock. Check out their earlier's fabulous.