Thursday, May 25, 2006

$90K in the freezer? What do YOU think???

Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA) is under federal investigation for possible charges of receiving bribes. In fact, he was found to have $90K in his freezer!!!

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi asked Rep. Jefferson to step aside from his seat on the House Ways and Means Committee until the investigation is over. A smart move, right? Not based on the response of the Congressional Black Caucus, who issued not-so-subtle threats to Pelosi when meeting with her yesterday.

Confused? So am I, but Steve Gilliard isn't confused, he's PISSED OFF!

Here's a clip:

Uh, folks, he had $90K in his freezer and a videotape showing him taking the money. You really want to wait for a court for him to quit?

Look, I didn't like it when bloggers jumped all over McKinney on the word of the capitol police, who seem to have different standards for black congresswomen and drunk Irish Congressmen.

But this is way different. efferson took two National Guard trucks which could have been saving New Orleanians to save his "luggage". God know what he had inside. If the CBC thinks people outside of the Hill gives a shit about Jefferson, they're insane. Black America has been plagued with corrupt leaders and they belong under the jail. When people lack resources and means, the last thing they need is someone sticking their hand out for payoffs.

UPDATE! Bush has ordered that Jefferson's records be SEALED for 45 days, as supposedly this was a violation of the separation of powers. WHY Are the Goopers protecting Jefferson? Who is he protecting???


Michael Roy Hollihan said...

Maybe because it's not about partisanship but about the privileged protecting their perks? It's not a Democrat / Republican thing. It's an abuse of power thing.

My guess is this will be a notably low-turnout election as too many folks are just disgusted by what they've been seeing lately. Both parties will have serious problems motivating their respective bases.

polar donkey said...

I prefer my bribes chilled not frozen. Screw Jefferson, Pelosi should take his committee seat.