Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Every time....

I start to wonder if maybe I should relent and support Harold Ford JUNIOR for Senator, someone at the Pesky Fly jerks me back to Earth. Please read Jeff's post and the ongoing comments, they're quite interesting.

Here's a choice cut:

The Democratic party is clearly the more trusted party on every issue, including fighting terrorism and the war in Iraq. So remind me again why it's a bad idea to run as a Democrat?


Anonymous said...

You can always check out the three Republicans' pro-life positions and decide which one you like the most.

Is there a Libertarian to vote for?

Anonymous said...

Chris Lugo is Green.

Brassmask said...

I checked out that Lugo guy.

If Jr was talking like that, I'd be working for him night and day.

As it is, Lugo will be getting my vote.

Freedonian said...

Lugo looks good.

Besides, it would be worth voting for him just to see a guy that looks like that roll up into the Hart Building.