Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I was good and I didn't boo once at Kennedy Day

I even gave the Politburo clap a couple of times for Bredesen, who was not as infuriating as I expected. In fact, he even said he admired the protestors of his TennCare cuts who were outside the U of M Holiday Inn. They, in fact, invaded the $250-a-pop reception to talk to him, and I understand that he spoke with them for about 15 minutes.

Now, I guess, they can go back and wait to die.

OK, cheap shot. The fact remains that Phil Bredesen is a manager, not a leader. While he may be a better one that Don Sundquist, at least the boy from Moline tried to get an income tax through the General Assembly. That would have solved a lot of problems, if not all of them, and it would have made those assholes in Williamson County pay their fair share of our social costs. No wonder they support our boy Phil, no matter what they may have told Senator Jim Bryson (R-Franklin), the Gooper sacrificial lamb, er, nominee.

Phil actually gave a decent speech, noting that his brother had recently died from alcohol-related problems because he couldn't get health insurance. (insert schadenfreude
reference here). His cadence is certainly not what we're used to from our speakers, but in that regard he did all right. I have no doubt he truly believes that what he has done to TennCare is the best that we could hope for at this time.

Which, of course, makes me glad I have an employer with a great health plan.

The theme afterwards was for my good Democratic friends to check to see what I thought of his speech and to let me know (with one or two exceptions) that he is the best we could have at this time.

Are you trying to get me to go Green?

Seriously, other than the medical stuff, he said mostly the right things, and Phil was a muted choice for what turned out to be a muted evening. It wasn't a bad one at all, it's just that if you're going into an election campaign, you would be wanting someone who could get everyone jacked up. Junior, for all of his faults (and they could fill the Forum), knows how to crank up an audience. Of course, the humorous irony of Bredesen asking the good Democrats of Shelby County to help Junior, who was of course somewhere in East Tennessee campaigning for more votes he won't get, was fun to watch and to note.

I suppose if it weren't for the fact that his TennCare cuts have virtually sentenced untold numbers of Tennesseans to death, I might like the man. However, to realize that this occurred under a supposedly DEMOCRATIC Administration is unconscionable. Then, now, a hundred years from now.

OK, enough about him. SCDP Chair Matt Kuhn, looking and sounding relieved after the 9MM had been removed from his temple, gave a great speech about the accomplishments of his term in office, most noticeably the Covenant with the County. It is a terrific document, and the SCDP is to be credited for putting it together. I was going to link to it, but it's apparently not yet on the website.

He thanked practically every group in the party, which is part of what these dinners are for, and reminded everyone to sign up for online continuing donations at the website.

Awards were given at the end of the evening, and the West Tennessee Liberal his own self, David Holt, won the Rising Star award for his party work, which is well deserved.

All in all, I got my money's worth, as I saw lots of friends and judicial candidates working the crowd.

Oh, and one other thing: AG Gibbons, Sheriff Luttrell, you weren't missed at all.

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Richmond said...

Good summation: civil, reflective, even self-deprecating. Liberalism at its Kennedy best. Mayor Daley would be proud of you--as I think would Everett Dierksen--smile.