Monday, May 08, 2006

OK, how are you Ford folks going to spin this?

Rasmussen has a new poll out for Tennessee showing Harold Ford trailing all three Republicans.

The breakdowns show the following:

Ed Bryant (R) - 44%
Harold Ford (D) - 36%

Van Hilleary (R) - 47%
Harold Ford (D) - 38%

Bob Corker (R) - 43%
Harold Ford (D) - 39%


Look, I know Rasmussen has the reputation of a GOP pollster, but these have been consistent. Here's another comment from the article:

Those numbers are little changed from our previous Tennessee election poll. Since the beginning of the year, the gaps between Ford and the Republicans have widened.

Hilleary does a bit better among conservatives than Bryant or Corker.

All four candidates are viewed favorably by between 43% and 45% of voters. Ford has the highest unfavorables. Between a fifth and a quarter of the state's voters are still Not Sure what to think of each Republican.

Ford has the HIGHEST unfavorables. Who knew? Heaven forbid that Tennessee voters should hold his family against him. Never mind that he has all but prostrated himself before George W. Bush, they still think he's one of those Memphis liberals who want to take our guns, plow our farms up and give our white virginal daughters to swarthy Arabs.

Not to mention, well, he's one of THEM, you know, and their grandpappies would not look down from heaven favorably if they voted for one of THEM.

Yet, had Chuck Schumer and the Beltway Mafia not forced Ford down our throats, we could have had someone who A) represents a Republican-leaning district, B) has consistently received endorsements from the NRA but C) never forgets what it means to be a Democrat.

Thanks to the DSCC, we have no chance to elect a Democrat to the US Senate this year. Great work, folks.

UPDATE: Brassmask also weighs in on the findings.


Evil said...

Nobody said electing a black guy from Memphis in a statewide election was going to be easy.

He's down by nine to Hilleary?

What month is it?

Steve Steffens said...

Agreed, but when is he going to move upward? if he has all that cash on hand, when is he going to start spending it?

Is he assuming Memphis will give him a 70-30 margin? In all honesty, I still only see him carrying Shelby and Davidson counties, and that's nowhere near enough.

Brassmask said...


That's all well and good but what's the point? He's been forced on the party. We, the party, were denied any chance of a choice.

Then the guy stands up and says he's not a Democrat after he has followed in the footsteps of Lieberman and backed the "president" as much as possible.

Please, if you like Ford and think he is worthy of my vote, then tell me why. So far, the only answer I'm ever given is "He's got a D after his name".